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Te mahi hiko ā Rehe

Electrical Trades 

Ara is the South Island's largest provider of Electrical Trade and Technician training and we have been offering Electrical Engineering training for more than 30 years.

Our Electrical Engineering qualifications start at pre-trade level, giving you the course skills for starting work as a trainee or apprentice, right through to the advanced levels required to apply for national electrical registration.

You can study electrical engineering or electricity supply/power distribution for a career in:

  • Installation and maintenance of electrical wiring in domestic or industrial premises i.e. an electrician
  • Servicing of electrical accessories or equipment in industrial premises
  • Electrical generation
  • Electricity supply/power distribution

The electrical industry is a challenging one requiring analytical and solution focused people. You will be process oriented and have a healthy respect for the potential hazards in your work environment. At Ara, we focus on applied learning, meaning you take your knowledge of electrical theory from the classroom into our workshops, to the buildings in the simulated subdivision (TradeFIT) or onto the Power Distribution Training Rig. We set up work experience and apprenticeship opportunities and make sure your learning is up-to-date from the minute you set foot in your employer's door.

Tutors at Ara are experienced and qualified tradespeople who teach best practice electrical engineering that puts your safety first. Quality electrical work is critical through every stage in the construction process and with our program you gain the skills that the industry needs.

Many Ara trades programmes include an apprenticeship. You can find out more here.