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Bullying and Harassment Modules

Bullying and harassment can make life stressful and unpleasant. You have the right to study in a harassment and bully free environment.

The most effective way to prevent bullying is to establish positive workplace cultures that do not allow bullying to be encouraged and flourish. Ara Te Pūkenga is a workplace committed to providing a safe working and learning environment in which all students and staff are treated with respect and dignity.

As a student here, it’s important you can identify behaviours that are not appropriate or acceptable and report any incidents as soon as possible. These skills will also be important when you are offsite on placement in another workplace. Knowing what bullying is and what to do if you experience it, will help keep yourself and others safe. 

To help you learn more about bullying & harassment and how to be an active bystander, view the following interactive modules. Each will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.