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Academic Calendar

Below is a list of important dates for the academic year, including semester dates, public holidays and graduation dates.


Ara Academic Calendar 2022

Date Event Add to Calendar
1 January New Year’s Day schedule-calendar.svg
2 January Day After New Year’s Day schedule-calendar.svg
10 January Ara opens schedule-calendar.svg
7 February Waitangi Day observed schedule-calendar.svg
16 February Whakatau S1 – Woolston campus schedule-calendar.svg
17 February Timaru Graduation schedule-calendar.svg
23 February Whakatau S1 – Timaru campus schedule-calendar.svg
28 February Whakatau S1 – City campus schedule-calendar.svg
2 March Whakatau S1 – Manawa campus schedule-calendar.svg
21 March Otago Anniversary Day schedule-calendar.svg
1 April Autumn Graduation schedule-calendar.svg
15 April Good Friday schedule-calendar.svg
18 April Easter Monday schedule-calendar.svg
19 April Ara closed schedule-calendar.svg
25 April Anzac Day schedule-calendar.svg
24 June Matariki schedule-calendar.svg
25 July Whakatau S2 – City campus schedule-calendar.svg
27 July Whakatau S2 – Timaru campus schedule-calendar.svg
10 August Whakatau S2 – Woolston campus schedule-calendar.svg
17 August Whakatau S2 – Manawa campus schedule-calendar.svg
16 September Spring Graduation schedule-calendar.svg
26 September South Canterbury Anniversary Day schedule-calendar.svg
24 October Labour Day schedule-calendar.svg
11 November Canterbury Anniversary Day schedule-calendar.svg
23 December Ara closes schedule-calendar.svg
25 December Christmas Day schedule-calendar.svg
26 December Boxing Day schedule-calendar.svg
27 December Day After Boxing Day schedule-calendar.svg