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Ara Foundation

Ara Foundation works in partnership with Ara Institute of Canterbury to change the lives of Ara staff and students through opportunities and experiences that increase learning outcomes.

Ara Foundation grants are for special projects and experiences that extend beyond every day teaching and learning at Ara.

It could be an opportunity related to your study, career or work ambitions, teaching and/or an industry research opportunity. From involvement in community initiatives, one-off project funding, to attending an overseas conference – Ara Foundation would like to hear from you.

Ara Foundation will consider and assess every grant application on how well it matches Ara Foundation grant criteria.

Grant applications that create opportunities for participation and success for groups currently underrepresented in vocational and applied education are looked on favourably.

All staff and students of Ara Institute of Canterbury are encouraged to apply for funding grants from Ara Foundation. The Foundation does not accept applications for student fees or course related costs, for example: work placement in another city where extra costs are incurred.

To view grant criteria, read about Ara Foundation grant and scholarship recipients and to make an online application please visit

Ara Foundation was established in 1984 with the aim of promoting and supporting the applied vocational, educational and research activities of Ara Institute of Canterbury. Since then, hundreds of thousands in grants have been awarded and hundreds of Ara projects have been supported.

Criteria and process

Ara Foundation grants are available to students and staff at Ara Institute with grant applications needing to meet the following Trust objectives:

  • To promote and support the general educational purposes and activities of the Polytechnic
  • To improve the educational facilities of the polytechnic
  • To provide financial assistance (including the provision of scholarships and bursaries) to students of the Polytechnic on such conditions (if any) as they deem appropriate
  • To support student educational activities of the polytechnic
  • To support staff education and development projects of the Polytechnic
  • To support innovative educational projects undertaken by staff of the polytechnic
  • To support any other educational or charitable enterprise.

During 2020 the Foundation will hold three grant application rounds.

Round One will be open to both staff and students at Ara with applications for round one grants opening on 23 March and closing on 5 April 2020.

Round Two will be open to both staff and students at Ara with applications for round two grants opening on 21 June and closing on 5 July 2020.

Round Three will be open to both staff and students at Ara with applications for round two grants opening on 21 September and closing on 4 October 2020.

Grant Criteria

The full list of criteria and information can be found on the Ara Foundation website but key criteria include:

  • Students and staff must submit a written application of up to 600 words that outlines:
    • The project
    • The planned outcomes
    • The benefits to Ara and the individual
    • Budget
  • Staff applications must include a letter of support from the CE of Ara Institute.
  • Student applications must include a letter of support from the head of their department.
  • Applications that do not include these will not be considered.
  • Applications received outside of the dates listed above will not be considered.

I encourage all of you with a suitable project to consider applying or to encourage your students to apply.