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Student Life

We have great cafés on campus and our calendar regularly features exciting opportunities to make friends and practice your English with New Zealanders and other international students.

You can join in our cultural festivities, forums, exhibitions, gigs and shows, and attend concerts and events hosted by other groups in our venues.

Based in the central South Island of New Zealand with 5 campus locations, we offer international students the opportunity to combine their study with the stunning scenery and friendly lifestyle of the South Island and experience real New Zealand culture.

Events and activities

As an international student at Ara, there are so many activities and events you can join in with, and so many friendly people to get to know, that you’ll never be homesick or lonely. Ara is a truly inclusive place with a strong sense of community.

You’ll meet people from around New Zealand and the world and chances are some will become your lifelong friends. Our international student community is very active, with an exciting schedule of activities and social events such as surfing, rock climbing, volunteering, sports, festivals and dining out.

You’re sure to find lots of things to enjoy, and great people to enjoy them with!

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