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Student Stories


Robyn White enjoyed the practical nature of the art and design programme she studied at Ara in Timaru.

Robyn White

Design graduate Zara Ineson’s career has taken her to London where she works as an art director for Portas Agency which specialises in fashion marketing.

Zara Ineson


Jessie Stanners has a fashion industry job she loves and she got it thanks to the skills she acquired at Ara.

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Jessie Stanners

Fashion graduate Melissa McIndoe is the sampling co-ordinator at Taylor Boutique where she applies the garment design and technical skills she learned at Ara.

Melissa McIndoe

Unlike many of her fellow students, the desire to become a fashion designer wasn’t what motivated Melissa Turner to study the New Zealand Certificate in Fashion at Ara.

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Melissa Turner

After completing a certificate in fashion at Ara, Rosalie Calder is now working towards a degree and can’t wait to start working in the industry.

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Rosalie Calder

In London, fashion graduate Reid Galbraith works for Ben Sherman and runs his own business, Backyard Denim.

Reid Galbraith


Louis found that the practical skills gained out in the field on assignments while studying at Ara were beneficial for his professional photography career.

Louis Trerise