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Harshvardhan Jamba

Harshvardhan Jamba was attracted to study in Christchurch because he could see the opportunities it held.

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“It’s a vibrant, energetic city where urban regeneration, creativity and innovation thrive,” he says. “There’s amazing street art, a booming hospitality scene, state-of-the art architecture and a growing infrastructure and construction industry.”

As someone seeking a career in civil engineering, Harshvardhan appreciated the potential Christchurch held for him, so he travelled from India to enrol in the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering at Ara.

For Harshvardhan, Ara itself held a lot of appeal too. “The tutors have years’ of professional experience and extensive connections, and the classes are small so you get to know your tutors and your classmates well. Also the courses include work-integrated learning, and Ara has a comprehensive range of accessible student support services.”

Harshvardhan says he gained a good mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills during his studies. He particularly enjoyed site visits and learning about new gadgets and software. “The industry projects helped me in seeking better opportunities. I also networked and met with a lot of potential employers.”

Having graduated, he’s now working as a civil engineering technician for City Care in Christchurch and is considering continuing his learning with a degree.

Harshvardhan recommends Ara to anyone thinking of coming to New Zealand to study. “Ara really looks after its international students. You can gain lots of practical experience and make some amazing industry connections.”