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Dedicated Education Unit

A collaborative pilot project between Te Whatu Ora – Waitaha Canterbury and Nursing at Ara.

What is a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU)?

A DEU is a practice area dedicated to supporting undergraduate nursing students on clinical placement. The DEU environment encourages collegial relationships between students, nursing staff and clinical lecturers. The concept of one-to-one preceptorship is expanded to include all DEU staff.

Features of a DEU

  • DEUs provide an optimal clinical learning environment for nursing students by utilising well proven teaching and learning strategies drawing on the expertise of both clinical (Te Whatu Ora – Waitaha Canterbury) and teaching (Ara) staff.
  • Students are supported in practice by a dedicated Clinical Liaison Nurse (CLN) and a dedicated Academic Liaison Nurse (ALN).
  • All staff working within the DEU, such as Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Nurse Assistants, pool nurses, allied professionals and the medical team, support teaching and learning opportunities for undergraduate nursing students.
  • Student peer teaching is encouraged.
  • Student assessments are undertaken with the student by the CLN and ALN after consultation with DEU staff and patients

For further information on the DEU visit the Te Whatu Ora – Waitaha Canterbury website.

Contact details:

Rachel Burt
Clinical Manager
Phone: 021 274 6095