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Nutrition Clinic

Eating well, exercising regularly and looking after yourself are key to feeling good and living a long and healthy life.

Our Nutrition Clinic offers a range of services to help you create a healthy lifestyle, provided by qualified, experienced and supportive staff. We won’t judge you, put you in the naughty corner for eating cake, or expect you to transform your habits overnight. But we will help you make changes that fit your lifestyle and deliver lasting improvements.

Why choose a registered nutritionist?

Professional registration recognises nutritionists who have obtained relevant academic qualifications and work experience within the field of nutrition. The title can only be used by those who have met these standards, as determined by The Nutrition Society of New Zealand, and comes with a continued commitment to professional development and adherence to the Royal Society of New Zealand Code of Ethics.

What do we offer?

Initial consultation 90 mins $150
Follow-up consultation 60 mins $110


Our packages are where we see the best results. Change to health behaviors is often a big journey (with plenty of road bumps). By signing up to a package and catching up regularly, we see a deep commitment from clients towards their health journey and goals. It’s our practitioner's responsibility to help support and guide you to achieve results from start to finish.

We generally recommend a follow-up pace of one consult every one to two weeks, but this can be adjusted to your schedule and individual needs.

1 MONTH - Kickstart $350


  • 1 x 90-minute initial consultation 
  • 3 x 60-minute follow-up consultations

2 MONTHS - Fuel to thrive $410


  • 1x 90-minute initial consultation
  • 5x 60-minute follow-up consultations

Unsure if nutrition coaching would be right for you? Book in a free Discovery Call.

This is a free, 15 to 30 minute chat to help you decide if my 1:1 nutrition coaching might be the right step for you to take, and what services might work best for you.

What can I expect?

Initial consultations are our starting point for first-timers, and can be booked as a lone consultation or as part of a package. If you book a consult and decide on a package later, the price of the initial consult will be taken off your package.

During an initial consultation:


During the session we’ll explore your current lifestyle, food history and health goals. Everything from diet, appetite, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, stress, sleep, hydration and exercise will be discussed to gain a full picture on your current lifestyle. Most importantly, we get to know you and explore your relationship with food.


We’ll have a look at your current diet and see if we can optimise in any way to make sure you’re meeting your minimum nutrient requirements.


We work collaboratively to set some realistic and achievable health goals.


We work collaboratively to make a plan of attack to help you achieve your health goals we devise it in a way that suits your lifestyle and needs. The aim is to set you up with healthy habits, eating skills and behaviors as well as educating you on various health topics that are imperative to your success.

You’ll also receive your own unique toolkit of resources that we build up over your journey (you’ll have access to these at any time and can keep it forever).

Our follow-up consultations are for those who have already had an initial consultation.


We check in on your progress towards your nutrition and health goals. Discuss wins, what’s working/not working, any challenges or barriers you may be facing, and help problem solve to ensure you have the tools needed to move forward.


Information you’re already familiar with is built on, with content adjusted to your goals and priorities. Any new topics are discussed, and your toolkit expands!


We make modifications to your plan, as needed.

Contact details

Phone: 03 940 8653

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