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Health Psychology

This course aims to allow students to consider the application of psychological principles and concepts to all aspects of physical health, illness and disease. Based on an overview of the influence of biological, social and psychological factors on health and illness, the course enables in-depth study of contemporary issues in health psychology, focusing on theories, research methodology, psychosocial interventions, new developments and future challenges.

Course Code HLTH838
Level 8
Credits 30


Employ the theories, principles and models commonly applied in health psychology to address behaviour related to health and illness.

Apply the biopsychosocial model of health and illness to an individual area of interest in terms of aetiology, prevention, treatment and recovery.

Apply health psychology perspectives to real-world issues affecting the individual, the group and the society-at-large.

Critically appraise current methods, treatments, programs and philosophies applied in Health Psychology in the context of existing literature and practice needs.