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Cybersecurity Project

This course will enable student to research, analyse, select and apply a range of tools and techniques to develop a solution to a cybersecurity problem. Wherever, possible students should implement a project on behalf of a client.

Course Code NZDC607
Level 6
Credits 30


  • Analyse business requirements to identify potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • Apply cybersecurity risk assessment to develop a project plan to produce cybersecurity solution.
  • Assess and select cyber technologies to implement and validate cybersecurity solution to meet business requirements.
  • Apply project management tools and techniques to manage the project efficiently.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to produce innovative and timely solution for a cybersecurity project.
  • Apply professional and ethical practices to work effectively and efficiently for quality outcomes.
  • Apply communication skills to collaborate and present project development life cycle to relevant stakeholders.

Delivered as part of the following programmes