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I'm a contractor

Please read through the following information and become familiar with our procedures and expectations. Should this raise questions or issues which require further clarification, please contact Health and Safety Manager at

It is our ambition to provide a safe environment for all who attend our campuses including our contractors and their employees and we expect you to share this objective with us.

To that end, all contractors must be familiar with the following general health and safety information prior to commencing work at Ara. Specific health and safety information relating to hot work, confined space work, work at heights, work in laboratories, or work involving asbestos will be provided as necessary by the Ara employee initiating the work.

Prior to commencing work at Ara, contractors company or contractor PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) will be requested to provide evidence of their commitment to the Health and Safety of their employee and those affected by their work and or provide a health and safety plan for the particular task they are proposing to undertake. If you have not already done so, please provide this information to:

Mr David Currie
Health and Safety Manager
Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd
P.O. Box 540

or email:

Confirmation of understanding

Ara has developed a number of health and safety procedures to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our employees, students and visitors. As well as being good business practice, some are related to compliance and life safety and must be followed in an emergency event.

When you first arrive or are working in a new area of Ara you will be given a health and safety induction to ensure you are current with our local and global procedures.

If you need any further clarification, please contact the Health and Safety Coordinator in your area.

Each faculty/division is responsible for the provision and maintenance of first aid facilities within its own areas. They also have employees trained in the administration of First Aid.

Where employees or students are travelling or working in isolation off site, they should be provided with and carry an appropriate First aid kit.

The Health Centre can offer assistance where required. We are located in the Whaeora at the City campus, Christchurch.

Satellite campuses ring 03 940 7566.

Everyone is entitled to a smoke free environment in all areas used for study, work or relaxation. Smoking is forbidden in all Ara buildings, properties or vehicles.

In the interest of maintaining a smoke free environment, please do not smoke on premises.

An accurate report needs to be completed as soon as possible, but within 48 hours for any incidents, or near misses involving Ara staff, students, visitors, or contractors.

Please advise the Safety and Wellbeing Manager immediately in the event of a serious injury or incident.

If you are a visitor or contractor, please contact the Ara leader who engaged you or who you were visiting.