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Youth Guarantee programmes

If you’re 16-24 years old and not at school or working, a Youth Guarantee programme is the smart way to get ahead.

Available in a wide range of subjects, these free programmes set you up with great foundation skills for employment or further study, and enable you to make confident decisions about your future.

As a Youth Guarantee student you’ll get:

  • an orientation programme which includes how to access financial assistance
  • transport support
  • extra pastoral care
  • specific cultural and learning support that’s easy to access
  • career planning and advice
  • regular activities with other Youth Guarantee students
  • access to counselling services
  • guidance as you transition into work or further tertiary study

Fees-free entitlement

Another great thing about studying a Youth Guarantee programme is that in most cases, you’ll still be eligible to study fees-free at a higher level later. If you study a Level 2 Youth Guarantee programme, your entitlement for the government’s fees-free study offer is not affected. If you study a Level 3 Youth Guarantee programme, and providing you earn 60 credits or less, you’re still entitled to fees-free study up to another 60 credits.

Set yourself up for success: apply now for a FREE Youth Guarantee programme from the selection below.