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Student Stories

George Mason is studying music creation and production at Ara. He loves the practical approach, small class sizes and being able to be hands-on everyday with his learning.

George Mason

Cameron Burnett’s career as a professional musician is hitting all the right notes.

Cameron Burnett

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Sabrina Rose talks about the growth she’s achieved as a songwriter, which she credits to having learned so much from her tutors and fellow students.

Sabrina Rose

Since graduating from Ara with a Bachelor of Music Arts, Henare Kaa has become a successful recording artist and music teacher.

Henare Kaa

I gained a lot of confidence being here, I had really no musical experience beforehand, so I came in as a clean slate, open to learning.

Martina Steffert-Cubillana

Music production students at Ara collaborate with a diverse range of musicians to bring their creative ideas to fruition and have access to top-of-the-line equipment throughout their studies.

Jean-Luc Pitcaithly