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NASDA presents: Mad Forest

Written by Caryl Churchill and performed by NASDA's talented second year students, Mad Forest centres around the 1989 revolution in communist Romania.

Mad Forest.jpg

Mad Forest is the name of a wood near Bucharest. With its oddly twisted trees and near-impenetrability, it provides a fitting title for this tangled play. Written in the aftermath of the revolution, Mad Forest explores the corrosive effect of leading a double life. In the vacuum that follows a revolution, it shows how hopes can be dashed and ideals compromised, yet it is fresh and vivid.

Central to the play are two families from different backgrounds, linked by a love affair. In a series of brief scenes, we see snippets of life under Ceausescu, from whispered conversations to an abortion negotiated in a scene in which almost every word uttered is an untruth. Not surprisingly, this is a play in which silence speaks volumes.