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Application and Audition Information

To be selected for NASDA, applicants need to demonstrate their ability in singing, acting and dance, their desire to perform and their potential for a successful career in the performing arts.

The number of students admitted to the programme is limited, and selection is made after an individual audition and possible group audition conducted on the same day. Other criteria for selection include academic attainment and aptitude, personal qualities and referees' support.

Please download and complete an application pack and send it in with supporting documentation to be eligible to audition for NASDA. You must complete this in addition to the Admission and Enrolment form. Your application will not be processed until you have submitted the Admission and Enrolment form and all additional requirements.

Applications for 2022 enrolment close on Sunday 28th August. Successful applicants will then be invited to audition.

The audition will consist of the following activities:

Auditionees must prepare excerpts from two contrasting songs, from memory, not to exceed 90 seconds each. If the applicant wants to be considered for the Music Theatre specialisation of the degree at least one song must be from Music Theatre repertoire. Traditional songs / Waiata / Folk Songs are encouraged. These songs can be sung with or without accompaniment, but no backing tapes will be allowed.

If required, sheet music must be in the correct key for the singer. Singing auditions will take place in groups and there will be group singing activities in addition to the individual songs.

The acting audition will take place as a group workshop activity. No prior preparation of text is required.

This will also take place as a group workshop activity. Applicants will be asked to nominate whether they attend a dance audition or a movement audition. Dance auditions will be for applicants who have taken dance lessons and are confident dancers.

Movement auditions will be for applicants who have either limited or no formal dance training. Nomination for Dance or Movement auditions will not affect the applicants chances of being offered a place at NASDA.

Close fitting clothing suitable for dance/exercise class. No jewellery.

If you cannot attend an audition in person then you can submit a video audition. This audition should consist of:

  • Your two songs, with or without accompaniment
  • If you would be choosing a dance audition, then please include an example of your dance
  • If you would be choosing a movement audition, there’s no need to include any movement in your audition video
  • Please also prepare a ‘supporting statement which you will read on camera. This statement should include a brief background to your experience in singing, dance and acting and any music theatre experience you may have. Please also tell us why you want to study at NASDA and what your future aspirations are once you leave NASDA.

For more information

Please call the NASDA Administrator on (03) 940 8695