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Tira Tuakana/Teina

PASS Study Groups

PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Session. These weekly one-hour study groups are co-ordinated by our Learning Services team to help Ara students succeed in particular courses.

Who can go to the PASS groups?

If you’re enrolled in a course with a PASS Group, you can go to the PASS group.

What are the benefits of attending PASS?

In the PASS group, you can:

  • Go over the important topics from lectures and tutorials
  • Study with other students in your course
  • Work in small groups
  • Do quizzes and activities to help you learn and remember
  • Ask questions in a relaxed environment
  • Develop effective study and learning strategies
  • Prepare for tests and exams

When do PASS groups meet?

Most PASS groups start in week two or three of the course and meet every week until the end of the semester (except for term breaks and statutory holidays). They occur in Semester 1 & Semester 2, unless specified.

How do I join a PASS group for my course?

Once you’ve become an Ara student, you don't need to sign up to a PASS group, you can just turn up. You can join in at any stage of the semester.

Is there a group leader?

Each PASS group is guided by a student who’s successfully completed the course themselves. These group leaders create an active, supportive environment and they encourage everyone to participate and focus key concepts and important course content. So PASS is like an independent study group, only better.