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The Midwife and Newborn Care

To enable students to increase their knowledge and understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology relating to the embryo, fetus and newborn within the contexts of the mother-baby dyad and the midwifery scope of practice.

Course Code BMNB601
Level 6
Credits 25


Describe and explain the physiology of conception and outline the normal/abnormal physiology of the embryo, fetus and newborn.

Describe and explain immunological principles, infectious diseases and other environmental influences that may be applicable to the development of the embryo and fetus and newborn.

Apply knowledge of newborn health and well-being to complete a comprehensive assessment of the newborn.

Critically reflect on the role of the midwife whilst supporting the transition of the fetus/newborn from intra to extrauterine life during the postnatal period.

Demonstrate knowledge and management of fetal/neonatal conditions that may require additional support for the woman and her baby including appropriate referral where necessary.

Delivered as part of the following programmes