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The Midwife and Collaborative Practice 2

To enable the student to examine the role of the midwife and explore the principles of collaborative relationships in situations where a woman may develop a complication during the continuum of childbirth.

Course Code BMCP602
Level 6
Credits 30


Critically reflect on the role of the midwife when a woman develops a complication during the childbirth continuum.

Explain the pathophysiology of medical and obstetric, complications, which may affect pregnancy, labour, birth or the post-natal period.

Recognise medical and obstetric complications and emergency situations of pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period and identify their management and appropriate referral.

Demonstrate achievement of the Midwifery Council Competencies at a second year level in the context of unexpected outcomes of pregnancy, labour, birth or the post-natal period.

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