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Leadership in Mountain Biking

To enable students to acquire the theoretical and practical skills to be an independent member of a peer mountain bike group on a grade 2+ single-track and lead off-road mountain biking excursions (under direct supervision) while providing an educational experience.

Course Code COAE407
Level 4
Credits 15


Demonstrate a wide range of technical mountain bike skills.

Apply knowledge to plan, prepare, lead, manage, and reflect on off-road mountain biking experiences.

Identify and apply strategies to manage the effects of weather, risks, hazards, and logistical issues within an organisation's safety management plan when leading mountain biking experiences.

Use knowledge to interpret place responsive practices when leading mountain biking experiences.

Demonstrate and reflect on self-management skills and professional attitudes required of an outdoor and adventure education practitioner when leading mountain biking experiences.

Demonstrate knowledge, care, and maintenance of mountain biking equipment and protective clothing.