Life at sea for beauty therapy graduate

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29 Oct 2019

Samantha Laws, an Ara Beauty Therapy graduate, has received the Service Promise award from One Spa World, for her work with them on cruise ships.    

“The award was a happy surprise. I was honestly shocked when I learnt that I had actually won the award. I could not believe it and I was so happy and proud of myself to get this far in my employment with Steiner. It is amazing to know that people are seeing how hard you are working and improving every day,” says Laws.

One Spa World said, “Every morning Samantha Laws is the first person to arrive at the spa. With a smile on her face and a positive attitude at her core, she works diligently to provide the highest standards of service delivery.”

Her career as a beauty therapist began last year when she graduated from Ara’s Timaru campus with a Diploma in Beauty Therapies and Epilation.

“My favourite part about working as a beauty therapist is that I get to work closely with people. What I love the most is that for every treatment that I do for someone they always come out of the room smiling and feeling better than they did going in,” she says.

Now she’s living a dream shared by many, getting paid to travel the world doing what she loves.

“I have travelled to many places while being on the ship. Places I never thought I would see in real life. I’ve been to Croatia, Kuşadası, Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Athens, Malta, Naples, Venice and Messina. They are the most beautiful places.”

“I would tell anyone who is thinking of working on a cruise ship that yes, it will be stressful and that yes, there will be hard times; however you will overcome them and become a better person. You will never regret doing this as you make so many wonderful friends, so many amazing memories and see half the world while you’re working.”