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Breakfast and Upskill with Erica Austin

Weaving passion and purpose

Are you doing what you want to do with your life? Is it possible to find meaningful work that you’re passionate about and still pay the bills?

Erica Austin’s career (really just life) has taken her in many directions but at the heart of each of her roles has been a firm belief in being true to oneself and constantly contributing to a greater purpose.

Erica works with non-profits, government agencies, education providers and businesses across the motu to encourage cross-sector conversation and co-create forums and platforms for collective contribution. Recent roles include Community Activator at Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF), Programme Manager for Te Pūtahi Centre for Architecture and City Making, Impact Strategist & Project Lead for Leadership Lab NZ and Facilitator for Ally Skills NZ.

Through her story, you’ll be inspired to contribute to your community by working in ways that are true to yourself and your values, acknowledging your strengths and passions while also continuously growing.

Join us for breakfast: 7.30am-8.30am, Wednesday 16 August at Visions, free.

Key Details

1 Hour
Visions Restaurant, City Campus