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New Programmes: Marketing Page Template

CAPL Process

Is this programme applicable for the CAPL process?

Which interest area page/s should this product show on?

Content - Long Description

Please outline as applicable:

  • What subjects/topics are covered?
  • What skills, knowledge and professional attributes will students acquire?
  • What tasks will they become capable of performing; to what level?
  • How does the programme and its content relate to industry?
  • Is there a work placement component? (provide details)
  • Does the programme include an industry or research project (provide details)
  • What learning methods are used (if relevant) eg tutorials, online, group projects, site visits
  • What makes this programme better than/different to similar programmes elsewhere?
  • What else should prospective students know about this programme?

Career opportunities

Please outline:

  • What opportunities exist for graduates of this programme? (indicate possible job titles or workplace environments.)
  • What is the current state and future outlook for employment in this industry?
  • What opportunities exist for advancement with experience and further study?

Study pathways

Please outline:

  • What other Ara programmes or qualifications would graduates of this programme benefit from doing after this one to increase their skills and expertise?
  • Please provide information on the specific Ara qualifications that this programme pathways into or general information about where this study might lead
  • Are there programmes available in complementary areas that could enhance the student’s knowledge?
  • What opportunities exist for graduates to further their education on the job?

Imagery guidance