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Research Outputs

Research at Ara supports many undergraduate degrees and provides research and development services to the private and public sector.

Staff research

The majority of the research is carried out by degree teaching staff, and most can be categorised as either applied research or creative endeavour. Staff engaged with the private and public sectors are involved in product and process development and the delivery of organisational innovation services.

Staff research outcomes are shared through publication in peer reviewed journals or trade publications, conferences, exhibitions and performance.

Ara's research is assessed by the Tertiary Education Commission 'Performance Based Research Fund' (PBRF). Funding for research comes from there and other internal funds, and staff are also encouraged to make applications to external research funding organisations.

You may also want to visit Kiwi Research Information Service (KRIS) for more research papers by Ara staff. KRIS harvests data from the Ara Research Repository as well as from other Polytechnics and Universities.