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Manufacturing, ICT, Commerce and Infrastructure

We are committed to meeting industry and regional needs utilising technological solutions to add value to manufacturing and business and welcome your ideas for opportunities to work together.

We have capacity in:

  • Marketing and consumer behaviour
  • Crowd funding
  • SME
    • Internationalisation
    • Employment
    • Māori business
  • ICT
    • App development
    • Security and resilience
  • Manufacturing
    • design and rapid prototyping (CNC and 3D printer)
    • computer aided design (CAD)
    • computer aided manufacture (CAM)
    • prototype development solar, thermal and wind energy
    • process optimisation and improvement
    • lean manufacturing - Kai Zen process
  • Infrastructure
    • electricity distribution
    • rail

Students' research projects are a core component of many Ara courses and we may be able to support your business or industry.

Alternatively, you can consult with the Research Office for expertise in the fields of, architecture, engineering, education, art and design and construction and trades.