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Te Whareora (Science and Wellbeing Facility)

Te Whareora is our $15.9m purpose-built science and wellbeing facility, opened by Prime Minister John Key in April 2015.

Across 4,300 square metres of floorspace over two levels, Te Whareora features:

  • A new fitness centre
  • Health Centre
  • Learning spaces and labs for Applied Science sports programmes
  • Workskills programme
  • Next Step Centre for Women
  • The Zone elite athlete testing facility

Athfield Architects, Hawkins, Inovo project managers and Powell Fenwick engineers were our main partners, although a total of 41 companies and 517 individuals worked on the project.

Fast facts:

  • Whareora is a Maori word combining the words for 'house' and for 'wellbeing'.
  • 41 companies worked on the Whareora.
  • 517 individual people worked on the Whareora.
  • Floor space approx. is 4300m2 including stairs/atrium bridge etc.
  • The amount of recycled rubber from car tyres in the flooring in the Whareora equals over 6100 kgs - or about 680 used car tyres.
  • The foundations required 175 truckloads of concrete.
  • The soil extracted would fill 2.5 Olympic swimming pools (6,600m3).
  • 538 tonnes of cement used in mixing the soil - 14,350 bags of cement.
  • 1538 lm of foundations or 1,050m3 of concrete in the foundation beams.
  • 1700m2 of precast panels or 556 Tons.
  • 175 tons of structural steel.
  • The sports court can hold approximately 27,000 basketballs stacked on top of each other - area is 1,100m2 and the highest point is 12.5m.
  • Volume of the sports court is 12,000m3 which is about 30 times the volume of an average size three bedroom home.
  • 10,000 lineal metres of hard flooring was used for the sports court floor.
  • There are approximately 50,000 perforations in the atrium acoustic plywood.
  • The lineal metres of sports court markings is 1341m - over three times the length of an Olympic running track (of 400m).