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Abby Wilson

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Promotion offers students the chance to change lives.


Recent graduate Abby Wilson is working as a physical health advisor for Sport Canterbury, supporting patients with a range of conditions to become more active to benefit their health and wellbeing.

She says that connecting with people in the community and seeing them create change in their lives is very fulfilling.

“It’s great when you meet people who want to change and you know that you have the ability to help them transform their approach to being active. Seeing them become independently active and continue with a healthier lifestyle is amazing.”

During her degree, Abby completed placements with Falls Prevention and the Canterbury District Health Board. She says that the opportunity to work in the local community and build networks was invaluable.

“The placements are the best part of the degree. You spend about 130 hours working in the second and third years and you definitely feel ready to go out and get a job when you finish. I use the majority of what I learned in my degree every single day.”

In their first year, students explore foundation topics and then focus on the health promotion specialisation for the remainder of their study. This prepares graduates to enter a wide range of roles in the sports, health and wellness sectors.

Abby says that the degree has given her options. She’s already experienced the diversity the industry has to offer, including working in Abu Dhabi immediately after graduating.

“The degree offers so many career opportunities, which means you get to go out and do different things throughout your career.”

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion) is a three year, full time programme. Part time options are also available.