Being able to talk through things with someone can sometimes help you see things differently, recognise feelings and make changes in your thoughts and actions.

Our counselling service offers you the opportunity to speak in confidence to one of our qualified counsellors about anything that is worrying you. These could be:

  • stress
  • course concerns
  • relationship difficulties
  • personal issues
  • any other worries or concerns.

This is service available to you by appointment only and an appointments are about 50 minutes. You will see the same counsellor for all your visits.

You can book a session by either phoning us or coming into the Health Centre reception.

Outside of Campus hours

National Counselling Service
Need to talk -  Call anytime for Support from a trained counsellor
Phone or text 1737


Counselling appointments are available term time:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


As a student you are entitled to three free sessions per year.

Entry requirements

You will need to register to use a service at the Health Centre with us. Bring your Student ID card or your course receipt on your first visit.

Ashburton, Timaru and Oamaru student counselling

Now available:
Monday to Wednesday 9am - 2.50pm

To book and access 3 Free Sessions contact
Student Health Centre
03 940 7566

Profile photo of Leigh Lawless


Leigh Lawless

Profile photo of Leigh Lawless

Kia ora, my name is Leigh Lawless. I’m a registered counsellor and the student counsellor at the Timaru campus. I’m often asked what counselling is or how it works. Basically, it’s a private space to allow you time to reflect, feel supported and work through feelings or situations that are causing difficulties. You might reach out for support via counselling if you have something going on in your personal life, with your classes or something that causes you to feel overwhelmed. If you ever feel like this, please do call the confidential number at the health centre to book an appointment with me. Getting support early on can be really helpful in working things through and equally it’s important to reach out when things are really tough.

Nga mihi nui, Leigh