Tutor leads 'Peace Train' cycle ride

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27 May 2019

As a survivor of the Chrischurch terror attack in March, Ara Architecture tutor Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed is now setting out to inspire others. His first initiative, a memorial event called the 'Peace Train', took place over the weekend and drew 250-300 attendees.

The event involved a 10km cycle ride through the Central city, starting at Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave, and ending at the Linwood mosque, both targeted in the March attack, with stops at other religious facilities along the way.

"It was really successful, we never thought we would get such a turnout. It was amazing, the weather was so good and the mood was so happy and people enjoyed the visit to each religious facility. Going to each of them one after the other was very peaceful and some people got quite emotional. It's so nice to see how as a humanity we can work together for the peace of our country," said Ahmed.

Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed and friend Meg Christie- a Health Promoter at Canterbury District Health Board

As people visited each religious place they were welcomed by a religious leader and invited inside to have a look around, spend some time and pray if they wanted.

"We never expected people to be so involved but almost everyone went in and spent some time, hugged each other...there was smiles, tears, excitement, the kids were all happy and overall it was a wonderful feeling, You don't always get to see that kind of emotion from people," said Ahmed.

Ahmed is looking forward to seeing if he can organise a similar memorial event next year.

Read full article in The Star online: https://www.star.kiwi/2019/05/join-mosque-survivor-on-the-peace-train/