Secondary students experience Ara's NZ Broadcasting School

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18 Jun 2020

Year 13 students from across the country are at Ara's New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) this week for a 4-day 'On Air workshop as part of Ara's Experience Ara offerings. The students get to try out different parts of radio and television to see if the media industry is a good fit.

We had a chat to Elizabeth Solly (Marlborough Girls' College), Molly Goodeve, Mack Odey (both from Roncalli College in Timaru) and Brie Harding Browne (Hillmorton High School) who were in the workshop and are all keen to come study at NZBS once they finish school.

Elizabeth is still sussing out whether radio or TV is the path for her. "I always thought I wanted to do radio, but now I've learnt more about the cameras and production i'm actually quite interested in that. The NZBS seems great - i definitely want to come back."

Molly said, "We've all been taking turns at being on camera, directing, stage managing, lighting, sound- all the behind the scenes stuff! The first day we came here we did radio and so far that's been my favourite part."

Mack who is also a radio fanatic was stoked he got to learn from Bridget De Goldi who has her roots deep in the media industry and whose voice you may recognise... "She's on the New World ads and on The Breeze- when she spoke all of us were like 'we know you!'.

"I came into this course knowing I wanted to do radio and it hasn't changed my mind. It's been really interesting learning about TV too and what goes on behind the scenes, but i'm set on radio!" said Brie, whose on-air idols are Brodie and Fitzy formerly of The Hits.

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