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19 Sep 2018

The next two stages of the landscaping project begins at Ara’s City Campus Christchurch next month.

Known as the High Street entry and the Southern Spine, the project will continue the themes of the recent North Green development from the High Street entrance through to the new Kahukura building bordering Moorhouse Avenue. The project also involves the repair and replacement of underground services that have earthquake damage.

The new landscaping will create a better pedestrian flow through the campus as well with more outdoor spaces for recreation and socialising. Based on the design of the North Green, both upcoming stages are part of the larger Campus Master Plan work approved in 2015 with a total budget of $7.9m.

As with the North Green, attractive spaces will be created featuring lighting, native planting, clear access routes/paving and timber seating.

High Street Entry

Starting from the High Street entrance, marked by the Passing Time sculpture, the project will remove cobblestones, steps and low concrete walls in line with safe urban design principles and accessibility principles.

The high street entry stage opens up the campus towards the centre of the city with the removal of high walls and steps. Adjoining the Hospitality and Services Industries, Ihutai building (U Block) and the Pantry cafe, the project introduces planters for herbs, which can be used by cookery students, as well as citrus trees. New storage for outdoor furniture and booth seating will enhance the area outside The Pantry and Visions restaurant.

The Southern Spine

On the other side of the North Green, the Southern Spine brings new materials through the area between Te Puna Wanaka (TM Block) and the Rakaia Centre (ALX Block) and past Te Waka Piki Kōtuku (the Early Learning Centre). The path then turns towards Tahatika (C Block) before straightening again to continue between Te Pūtahi (E Block) and Tahatika/Marokura (D Block), finishing at the entrance of Kahukura (K Block).

There will be a large lawn area outside Te Pūtahi, with a clever structural cell design that allows vehicular access to the roller doors for the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (NASDA). An adjacent hard surface area will enable NASDA to create set construction and undertake outdoor rehearsals.

A more attractive outdoor area outside Kahukura will better serve the café patrons and create a more impactful entry to the new Kahukura facility from the interior of the campus.  

Work will take approximately seven months to complete. Students and staff will be regularly updated about access points and other temporary disruptions, with priority given to the Early Learning Centre and the safety of children and parents accessing the centre.

Access points

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