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Ara artists at Appalachian Centre exhibition

22 August, 2018

Ara staff are amongst the New Zealand and Australian artists exhibiting at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, at the Appalachian State University.

The university in North Carolina has a long-standing commitment to showcasing international artists and is currently exhibiting its sixth international series, Art from Down Under: Australia to New Zealand. This exhibition is made possible, in part, by the generous sponsorship of the Bickers Consulting Group.

Ara artists at Appalachian Centre exhibition .jpgArt & Design photography tutor John Maillard is amongst the Ara staff and graduates currently exhibiting at the Turchin Centre.

Ara Art Curator Julie Humby was delighted to be listed alphabetically after (Ralph) Hotere in the programme of contributing artists from New Zealand. “This may be the only time I see our names together,” she said. Photography tutor John Maillard, Creative Industries Technician Manager Tim Brown and graduate Ben Reid also contributed works along with former staff members Denise Copland and Michael Reed. Art & Design tutor Kim Lowe is represented in the loaned works from the Ara collection.

Ara artists at Appalachian Centre exhibition 2.jpegJulie Humby's Eels

Emphasizing cultural conversations, global learning and social discourse, the exhibition introduces visitors to artists currently working in Christchurch, Lismore, Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne, as well as artists who identify as born ‘down under’ but who live in the United States.

The collaboration began after Mary Anne Redding (Appalachian State University) and Jill Annie-Margaret (Boise State University) visited Ara in July last year. Humby showed them around the Ara Artwork Collection and together they reached an agreement to send work from the Ara collection to the USA for the exhibition, which opened a year later and runs until Saturday December 8, 2018.

In October Humby visits the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts to participate in a series of workshops and panel discussions.

Art from Down Under: Australia to New Zealand, featured artists:
  • Tim Brown (New Zealand)
  • Denise Jeanette Copland (New Zealand)
  • Fatu Feu'u (New Zealand)
  • Ralph Hotere (New Zealand)
  • Julie Humby (New Zealand)
  • Simon Kaan (New Zealand)
  • Kim Lowe (New Zealand)
  • John Maillard (New Zealand)
  • John Pule (New Zealand)
  • Michael Reed (New Zealand)
  • Benjamin Reid (New Zealand)
  • Glen Stringer (New Zealand)
  • Sheyne Tuffery (New Zealand)
  • Kate Walker and Caroline Earley (New Zealand/United States of America)
  • Tony Albert (Australia)
  • Kylie Banyard (Australia)
  • Stephen Bunbatjun (Australia)
  • Michael Cook (Australia)
  • Dianne Firth (Australia)
  • Fiona Foley (Australia)
  • Stephen Garrett (Australia)
  • Andrew Goodman (Australia)
  • Philip Gudthaykudthay (Australia)
  • Ry Haskings (Australia)
  • Ursula Airlie Laverty (Australia)
  • Jimmy Mamalunhawuy Mamakun (Australia)
  • Michael Philp (Australia)
  • Valerie Fay Smith (Australia)
  • June Ethel Stephenson (Australia)
  • Judy Watson (Australia)
  • Jen Webb (Australia)
  • Jodi Woodward (Australia)