Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

9-13 September 2019

Ara is celebrating Māori Language Week during 9-13 Mahuru 2019. Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - Māori Language week is Aotearoa's annual week-long celebration of the Māori language. It is the one week when we get to focus on the beauty and importance of our indigenous language.   Te Reo Māori  is a taonga, a special treasure and it creates a sense of common purpose for many people in Aotearoa NZ. Every New Zealander can help revitalize and strengthen our language by incorporating Te Reo Māori  into conversations, whether it be formal greetings or the use of words and phrases that acknowledge and celebrate our values and our sense of belonging.  

This year we are drawing on Ara’s key values of Hono, Hihiri and Aroha as a framework for establishing relationships in a uniquely Māori way. Using Hono as a starting place to connect with each other, significant people in our lives and places through learning your pepeha. This inspires us to learn more and gain a new respect for each other and the things that make is different.

Whakarongo - Kupu Kards

Keep your eyes peeled around campus for Kupu Kards with greetings and phrases for use in your everyday interactions. Then by going to the Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori page in the MyAra app, you can scan the QR code on each poster to hear the correct pronunciation and have a go at using them with each other.  Ka mutu pea! Mean!

Kōrero - #HonoChallenge

This year at Ara we are providing staff and students with an insight into the unique way that Māori connect with each other in order to establish links; a connection that often leads to sustainable relationships. A pepeha is a way of introducing yourself that is special to Aotearoa and for Māori it is common practice to tell the story of our connections to significant people and places. By sharing where you are from and where you belong it can be a great way to start a meeting or gathering.

The #HonoChallenge is to encourage staff and students to learn more about the Māori culture, language and to strengthen the key Ara value of Hono Connect. Discovering who we are and where we are from is an important part of building our sense of identity and belonging.

Take up the #HonoChallenge! Use the links below to create your pepeha and when you’re ready learn it, share it and upload it to social media using the tohu marau hashtag#HonoChallenge. You are going to have to get someone to set up your Facebook or Instagram profiles if you want to be part of the online challenge. Connect with each other by introducing yourself at a meeting and challenge others to do the same by nominating a friend or colleague – karawhiua e hoa mā give it heaps! There will be some spot prizes for individuals and teams giving it their best shot! Kei reira! Awesome!

Tuhi – Prepare your pepeha

#HonoChallenge pepeha template
#HonoChallenge pepeha cheatsheet

Ako - Learn the language

There are many ways you can learn te reo Māori here at Ara and online at your own pace.  For course information see Our Programmes and for self-paced learning we’ve compiled a whole lot of fabulous resources within our Subject Guides including dictionaries, books, lectures and apps that will help you get on the right path to learning the Māori language. Āna! Yeah, agreed!

Learn more about the Ara values design
Hono - Connect features the manaia form that represents the human face in profile. Each manaia faces the other, celebrating our connections.  
Hihiri - Inspire features the poutama form that represent the journey of knowledge acquisition and enlightenment. The journey is full of trials and tribulations, which are overcome when we connect and inspire those around us.  
Aroha - Respect features the shape of a waha/mouth, a symbol to remind us of our respective mother tongues , and the positive power of language when conveyed in respect.

Learn more about Te Wiki o Te Reo national theme and logo
Visit the Māori Language Week website
The national theme will be 'Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ meaning "Let's make the Māori Language strong'.  Ahakoa iti, ahakoa rahi, kia kaha te reo Māori – No matter how little or how much (we use it), let’s make the Māori language strong.

Hono – Events at Ara

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