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Minal Gupta

Minal Gupta has big plans. One day, she wants to be “CEO of my own international company”.

On her way there, Minal intends to work as a chartered accountant and auditor. For the moment though, she’s focused on gaining a Bachelor of Applied Management at Ara.

Born and raised in India, Minal chose to come to New Zealand because “it’s a beautiful country with a great education system.” She chose Christchurch because it was a “small yet functional” city.

“Christchurch is an amazing city. I love the idea of knowing everyone around you. The people here are really nice and jolly and you get to build a relationship with everyone. The best part about Christchurch is its weather; you can experience all four seasons in one day. It’s beautiful.”

After settling on Christchurch, Minal needed to decide where to study. She says she chose Ara because of its small class sizes, the ability to build relationships with tutors, the diverse cultures on campus and the resources it offers.

Ara also happened to offer exactly the qualification Minal was after. “I wanted to study chartered accountancy and the accreditation system in New Zealand really fascinated me. Becoming part of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand is a real honour so the opportunity to do a degree which is specially designed around the CA pathway was very appealing to me. I would say I made the right decision.”

Minal is loving Ara’s practical approach, the integration of technology into daily classes and spending time with her tutors who, she says, “personally build a relationship with every student and help us reach our goals”.

She’s also thrilled to have secured an internship with Deloitte where she’ll work as an analyst in its auditing team, starting in November this year.