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Jayat Dhawan

"It's benefited me in every possible way." Jayat Dhawan really did his homework before choosing to come to New Zealand to study at Ara.

“I did a lot of research and read a lot of positive things about Ara,” he says. “I was able to get a clear picture of its culture, environment and values. I found out that Ara's qualifications are recognised and valued globally, the class sizes are small to medium, and your tutors get to know you and always support you.

He adds that New Zealand was at the top of his list of study destinations. “It’s a perfect example of a country that’s not defined by its size but by how peaceful and diverse it is.”

Jayat is now just one semester away from graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Management specialising in accounting. He says he’s enjoying “everything” about his studies.

“We’re taught in a practical way which prepares us for the challenges we’re likely to face in the real world. I enjoy the practicality and learning from tutors who’ve got years of experience. Some have even worked for the big four global accounting firms and they’re all happy to share their valuable industry experiences.”

Jayat has been awarded two scholarships at Ara and won ‘top student’ awards twice. He’s also gained an employability award and has been selected as a Graduate Auditor by KPMG, starting in 2022. “It’s always been a dream to work with a big four firm and that dream has come true.”

As part of his degree, Jayat is undertaking 100 hours of work-based experience with Social Currency Investments. He says it’s giving him a valuable insight into real world accounting environments which will prepare him well for life after graduation.

He encourages anyone who’s considering studying at Ara to grab the opportunity straightaway. “It’s benefited me in every possible way. I’ve made many valuable connections and had so much support from everyone.”