Sam Sanders

Sam Sanders

Sam Sanders loves travel and being exposed to different cultures and ways of doing things. “I’ll get involved in anything that will allow me to travel,” he says.

So when the opportunity arose for a study exchange to Dortmund in Germany, he jumped at the chance.

At Ara Sam is studying towards a Bachelor of Applied Management, specialising in business information systems. During his semester in Germany he took eight business courses at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

“One of my courses only had three classes then an exam. The other courses had weekly classes of about 90 minutes long and there were no tutorials. Other than that there wasn’t much difference.”

He adds that his tutors were very good overall. “Most had previous experience working for large European organisations and used examples to convey ideas and points.”

Sam’s accommodation in Dortmund was just a short walk from the university and included everything he needed which meant he didn’t have to buy anything on arrival. Dortmund is similar in size to Christchurch and Sam said there were good local events - even a local rugby team – and it was easy to travel to neighbouring cities and countries by train.

Sam enjoyed the cultural differences he encountered but occasionally had challenges with the language. “One thing I’d do differently is learn more of the language. Most students and tutors spoke English but not everyone in Germany speaks it.”

Sam encourages other students to do an exchange if the opportunity arises. “Just do it and get involved in everything you possible can! It’s a great way to meet new people and see new places. The experience has given me a point of difference; it shows employers that I’m happy to travel and explore.”

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