Scholarships - Guidelines

About our scholarships

Ara scholarships are only available to New Zealand citizens or permanent residents (unless otherwise stated in eligibility criteria).

All scholarships are available to first-year Ara students only (unless otherwise stated in eligibility criteria).

Scholarships are discounts off course fees and can’t be redeemed for cash, or transferrred from one programme to another. Scholarship recipients are required to cover course-related costs unless otherwise stated.

Scholarships are for full-time students unless stated otherwise. Part-time scholarships will cover Year 1 courses for the selected programme of study.

All scholarships are available to students at any Ara campus, providing the associated programme is available there (with the exception of some scholarships which are allocated specifically to South Canterbury-based students).

Only scholarships that offer a 100% fee reduction include student levies; all other scholarships are a proportion of tuition only.

Scholarships are not available to Ara staff and/or their immediate family members if they are eligible for the staff discount. Scholarships are also not available to Ara staff and/or their immediate family members for high-demand programmes that aren’t eligible for the staff discount.

Students eligible for the Government’s fees-free scheme are not eligible for a scholarship during the year of their fees-free study.

Lifelong Learning scholarships are available to students studying through the Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL) and students utilising Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to gain their qualification.

Applying for a scholarship

Scholarship applicants need to meet the entry requirements for the programme associated with the scholarship; scholarships aren’t confirmed until the applicant has been offered a place and been accepted into a programme of study.

Scholarship applicants may be required to attend an interview.

Applicants can apply for multiple scholarships, however a maximum of two scholarships can be awarded to any one applicant in one year. If an applicant is eligible for more than one scholarship, and deemed successful in the scholarships approval process, the Scholarships Approval Panel will award the highest value scholarship/s that the applicant is successful for.

Applicants cannot be awarded the same scholarship more than once.

Decisions made by the Scholarships Approval Panel are final, however applicants are able to request feedback on unsuccessful applications if desired.

If you’re awarded a scholarship

Recipients of scholarships are asked to give permission for their name and photo to be used in the promotion of scholarships.

If a scholarship recipient chooses to change to part time during the year, Ara reserves the right to end the scholarship arrangement. However, this will be decided on a case-by case basis.

If a successful applicant changes study location before the commencement of their programme, the Scholarships Approval Panel have the right to withdraw the scholarship and re-distribute it to an applicant in the campus location it was allocated for. If a successful applicant changes study location after the programme of study has commenced, the scholarship will follow the student.

Courses covered by each scholarship need to be confirmed in writing at the time the scholarship is awarded.

If a student has already completed one or two courses as part of foundation before they join the programme linked to the scholarship, the scholarship will cover the remainder of the first year papers.

Scholarship recipients may be required to pass courses undertaken to continue to receive scholarship funding. If a scholarship recipient doesn’t pass or complete his or her programme of study, the scholarship funds cannot be used to pay for a resit/repeat.