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This course aims to allow students to critically investigate the health and healthcare systems in New Zealand, examining the overarching health strategies that guide and inform healthcare delivery and exploring the historical (including Te Tiriti o Waitangi), cultural, socioeconomic and environmental influences on the health of the New Zealand population.

The course is appropriate for international students who have recently arrived in New Zealand, but is also suitable for domestic students, who will gain an in-depth knowledge of health and healthcare in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Learning outcomes

Interpret the structure of the Aotearoa New Zealand health system, including the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of healthcare.

Critically reflect on the environmental and sociological impacts on health outcomes for the Aotearoa New Zealand population.

Consider the implications of Te Tiriti o Waitangi for the health strategies underpinning Aotearoa New Zealand's health system.

Interpret the roles and influence of families and whanau in the context of health and wellbeing, as related to the study of epidemiology in the Aotearoa New Zealand population.