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This level 8 online course provides for specialist practice in critical care. The course explores essential theory underpinning practice that assists the registered nurse working in a critical care environment, to develop advanced practice knowledge and skills. Students will explore and critically analyse all aspects of the critical care environment that impact on patient care and professional practice. This includes clinical governance, multidisciplinary team collaboration and the legal and ethical issues related to the provision of care in a bioscience/technical situation.

Learning outcomes

Understand the comprehensive critical care environment across all health sectors.

Situate themselves within their context of practice, geographical position and health care environment.

Identify their own professional practice within the critical care environment.

Articulate effective advanced practice in the provision of care for patients and their families/whānau within the critical care environment.

Apply the technical and therapeutic interventions related to their critical care practice area.

Apply the principles of evidence based practice to the care they provide.

Understand the socio-political and ethico-legal implications of care delivery in a multicultural and changing critical care environment

Use research and best practice to reflect on their own levels of practice and skill.

Apply the knowledge of clinical governance to safe practice.

Understand the wider health care context that impacts upon critical care services.

Work within the New Zealand Health Care framework which includes the Treaty of Waitangi.