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Enables learners to develop their essential skills necessary to function as a member of a team to producing studio based television production of broadcasting standard.

Learning outcomes

  • Experiment and practice in specific areas of studio based television productions, and show a basic understanding of the role of each crew position required to make a studio-based television production.
  • Initiate and incorporate the complete range of logistical and support services required to produce a programme.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the target audience when producing for television.
  • Demonstrate a variety of communication skills and an ability to be an effective member.
  • Show a technical confidence, including Health and Safety issues, to operate all equipment utilised in a studio based production.
  • Ensure that a developed concept can be transformed into an efficiently delivered product.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the standards and regulations that govern studio practice.
  • Reflect on the practice of self and peers and make constructive verbal and written comments to improve performance.