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To enable Registered Nurses to further develop knowledge skills and practice relating to the nursing management of individuals requiring advanced cardio-respiratory monitoring and/or support

Learning outcomes

analyse the role and scope of nursing practice within health care provision for patients requiring advanced monitoring and therapeutic intervention.

discuss cardiac and respiratory physiology and the impact of alteration(s) in function.

analyse and evaluate current approaches to cardio-respiratory assessment and monitoring.

examine common therapeutic interventions and their role in the management of people with acute and existing cardiac or respiratory compromise.

assess patients: determine, obtain, utilise and evaluate appropriate information in order to support and rationalise clinical decision making and nursing actions.

demonstrate proficient technical skills in the use and application of specialty equipment and procedures.

analyse the relationships between patient assessment, monitoring, therapeutic intervention and evaluation.

discuss the effects that common pharmacological intervention and administration may have upon the individual with acute cardiac and/or respiratory compromise.