Ara Institute of Canterbury have six campuses throughout the South Island.

We offer nationally recognised and highly regarded certificates, diplomas, degrees and graduate qualifications.

Explore our campus maps below and download printable PDFs.

How to navigate Ara campuses

Our campus signage is designed to help visitors find their way around our campuses easily.

Buildings are signified by a Māori name and a letter, not by the department or service – for example the Whareora has the letter W.

The building’s letter appears on our campus maps. To find a room, look for the letter of the building, then the floor and the room. So W111 is the Whareora, first floor, room 11. Once you are inside a building, there will be signage for different areas in that building. In the Whareora for example you will see signs for the Gym and the Sports Court.

A list of the names of Ara buildings, and their pronunciation and meaning, is here.