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We live in a visual world with a high demand for people who can capture images in creative and technically skilful ways.

Being a skilled professional photographer provides you with freedom and choices. You could specialise in areas such as press, commercial and advertising, portrait and wedding, fashion, or sports photography and work for newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, photographic studios, design companies, or even be your own boss in the freelance world.

There's an ever increasing global need for quality images for use with mobile technology, or print and digital media.

During your study we will introduce you to a wide range of disciplines including applied photography in a studio setting, on location and documentary style. You will look at photographic design and concepts; lens based digital media, design and imaging; the history and context of photography; technology and what's involved on the business side of photography.

We will help develop your technical, creative and conceptual understanding of design processes as well as encouraging you to be as creative as possible. You will also increase your knowledge and skills in digital post production/prepress; technical practice, professional and business practice; creative lighting, interactive design, digital imaging and DSLR video.

Our staff ensure you get connected with the photographic industry through our contacts in the business.

Whatever your story, however you want to share it, our photography programmes will see you well prepared to start your creative career.

Ara photography has fantastic fully equipped digital studios and printing facilities which combined with the experience of our experienced tutorial staff means that students can develop expertise in most photographic disciplines, including:

  • documentary
  • fashion
  • product
  • sports
  • wedding
  • studio and natural light portraiture
  • colour
  • black and white
  • family
  • news

We support photographic genres with business lessons related to photography to help students with their work.