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Team and individual fitness testing

Want to give yourself a competitive edge?

One of the best ways to enhance your athletic performance is to understand your fitness. With a performance testing package from The Zone at Ara, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, set goals, monitor your progress and ultimately achieve more.

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Sport-specific fitness testing - $300*

Includes: up to five fitness tests (e.g. vertical jump, broad jump, sprints, agility, yoyo, beep, bronco, sit and reach, hand grip strength, throwing distance); individual fitness profile report(s).

Anaerobic lactate testing for endurance athletes - $129

Includes: blood lactate test on a cycle ergometer, treadmill or rowing machine; individual report including training zones and recommendations. Discounts apply for multiple bookings.

Pre-season fitness testing for sports teams is a great way to prepare for the season. It allows you to understand team and individual fitness and develop training programmes that deliver results.

Ara Sports Academy fitness testing - $300*

Includes: strength test, aerobic capacity test, flexibility test, sprint or agility test, core test, individual and team fitness profile reports.

Basic fitness testing - $199*

Includes: strength test, aerobic capacity test, sprint or agility test and raw data supplied.

Delivered by specialists using cutting-edge technology our holistic sports performance package combines the physical, physiological and psychological components considered essential for optimising performance. The package can be tailored to support coaches, sports teams and individual athletes as well as specific sports performance goals and timeframes. Priced on request.

Mental fitness

Psychological factors that influence performance.

Life and social skills

Teamwork, leadership, self-awareness development.

Sports nutrition

To maximise dietary consumption for energy requirements.

Performance testing and monitoring

Sport-specific testing and analysis precision, using human performance technology.

Strength and conditioning

Functional movement pattern development for safe and consistent strength training.


Encourages the development of a variety of physical skills while improving strength and conditioning and preventing overuse injury to develop a dynamic team player.

Our modern gym is equipped with the latest exercise equipment. Ask about our discounted group memberships and private hire sessions.

*Based on a maximum of 25 team members / maximum of two hours at Ara.