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Youth Physical Development Programme

Is aimed at improving young people’s physical literacy, confidence and competence, to support lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.

In turn, the individual gains an understanding about the benefits of training and encourages the development of intrinsic motivation patterns, which is closely linked to positive well-being and resilience.

The programme can be customised to include:

  • performance testing
  • strength and conditioning coaching
  • performance nutrition
  • mental skills
  • multisport development.

Performance testing
This includes tests for strength, aerobic capacity, agility and core to identify baseline fitness, plus anaerobic lactate testing and a bioimpedance analysis (BIA) scan to assess and track body composition changes over time.

Strength and conditioning coaching
This includes functional movement pattern development for safe strength training.

Performance nutrition
We’ll demonstrate how to maximise your players’ dietary consumption to meet their energy requirements.

Mental skills
This part is all about understanding the psychological factors that affect performance and developing strategies to best manage them.

Multisport development
This is fun competition that combines multiple sports focused on developing fundamental and social skills.

Prices available on request.

Contact details

Phone: 03 940 8653
Facebook: AraTheZone

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