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Body Composition Tests are an effective way to assess what you’re made of on the inside (e.g. muscle mass, body fat), and to gauge if you’re on track with your fitness and health goals. The test takes less than a minute and is non-invasive - all you need to do is stand on our machine in light clothing (there’s no poking, prodding or pinching). After the initial test, you can have additional tests to assess changes and progress. Single scans cost $29 and discounted multi-scan packages are available.

The Zone is open Monday – Friday from 7.30am – 5pm. If your preferred appointment time is not available on the website, then give us a call on 940 8653 and we may be able to help you

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To ensure the results of the scan are accurate, please follow these guidelines as best you can:
  1. Perform the test each time under the same conditions, temperature, posture, etc.
  2. Testing should be done before midday because after moving around all day, more body water will accumulate in the lower body, yielding an unequal distribution.
  3. Do not exercise or perform any physical tasks before testing, this will result in a temporary change in body composition.
  4. Avoid eating before a measurement, wait 2 hours for digestion.
  5. Do not take a bath or shower prior to measurement. Perspiring (sweating) that occurs also results in a temporary change in body composition.
  6. Perform the measurement after urination or excretion, if possible. Residues inside the human body are interpreted as fat mass.
  7. Remove your footwear and socks to perform the test.  The test and consultation will be a maximum of 15 minutes in total.
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