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  1. Industry & research - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: We’re here to help, offer and advice or deliver solutions designed to grow and enhance your business through customised training, professional development, student placements and much more.

  2. Experience Ara - Ara

    29 Jul 2019: Get a taste for what it's like to study at Ara by participating in an Experience Ara event or activity. This page has an easy-to-search list of what's available.

  3. How to Apply - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: Overview of the process of deciding upon and enrolling in a programme.

  4. Transport - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: There are several ways you can get to and from campus. We encourage you to walk, bike or bus if you can but other options are available like driving and carpooling. Details are provided below, and you can get further information from student services

  5. Home - Ara

    Ara is the largest vocational training institute in the South Island of New Zealand. Our practical, hands-on learning is provided in a supportive, welcoming environment. When you graduate from Ara you'll be work ready for your chosen industry or

  6. Explore Ara - Ara

    29 Jul 2019: Ara campuses are a diverse and welcoming environment to study in with a range of great facilities and services.

  7. Short courses - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: Our part-time special interest and hobby courses are the perfect way to fit learning into a busy lifestyle. Check out what's available here.

  8. Campuses - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: We have six campuses throughout the South Island of New Zealand. Learn more about them here, and access maps for each campus.

  9. About us - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: Ara is one of New Zealand's largest tertiary institutions education and is located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  10. Scholarships and fee reductions - Ara

    24 Jul 2019: If you’re studying at Ara, or planning to, don’t miss the chance to save thousands of dollars in fees with an Ara scholarship. There are dozens of scholarships available across a wide range of subjects. You don’t have to be an academic