Printers and photocopiers

Find multifunction printer / scanner / copiers in the Library. All print jobs are automatically sent to the nearest printer / copier. You can also use the "Follow me" option to print. This allows you to pick your printing up from any printer / copier on campus using your Student ID card. This guide explains how to use mobile print.

Ask a librarian for help with any printing, copying, and scanning questions.

Printing/Photocopy Costs

  Black & White Colour






Adding Credit to your Printing/Photocopy Account

This Printing - Online top-up guide tells you how to add credit for printing and photocopying.

How to Photocopy

Place the original document face-down on the glass or face-up in the document feeder.

  1. Log in by either
    • placing your Student card against the reader on the right side of the touch screen
    • or by selecting Log In/Out above the keypad and entering your network user ID and password
  2. Tap ‘Device Functions’ and then ‘Copy’ on the touch screen.
  3. Set the copy options such as size, colour, and duplexing.
  4. For multiple copies, use the keypad to set the desired number of copies.
  5. Press the green Start button on the right of the touch screen.
  6. On completion logout by selecting Log Out in the top right hand corner of the touch screen.