Disability Services

Do you need help to make study work for you?

Disability Services provide information, services and equipment to help you make the most of study.

Click here to contact us.

You may be eligible for services such as:

  • Note-taking support in class
  • Alternative exam arrangements
  • Exam reader/ writer
  • NZ Sign language interpreter
  • Course materials in alternative formats such as enlarged text
  • Specialised equipment and furniture
  • Software

To register with Disability Services you need a report from an appropriate professional, which is less than 3 years old. The report should give relevant information about your disability or health condition and describe how this may impact on your study.

Computer access

All computers on campus have Read and Write Gold literacy support software - ask how this can assist you with your reading and writing tasks.

Disability Services can also show you how to use Microsoft Ease of Access settings to make adjustments to computers to suit your individual needs.

Exam and test assistance

Come up and see us if you need assistance with exams. You'll need to book at least two weeks in advance.

Arrangements may include the following:

  • A separate room where you can take the assessment alone with supervision from inside or outside the room.
  • Extra time, usually 10 minutes per hour; or 15 minutes for a one-hour assessment.
  • Provide the assessment in alternative formats; eg. large font, electronic text.
  • Provide reading and/or writing support.
  • Provide ergonomic furniture or equipment.
  • Access to a computer to type your exam, rather than write responses.

To book assistance with your examinations, please contact us.

Disability Information Sheets (PDFs)

Assistive Software and Equipment (PDFs)