Supported Learning

If you have an intellectual or learning disability, our Supported Learning courses will equip you with valuable skills and confidence for work and everyday life. You’ll become more independent, and if you’ve recently finished secondary school, you’ll be able to make a smoother transition to tertiary education.

At Ara, you’ll be welcomed and encouraged by dedicated Supported Learning tutors and staff who are committed to your wellbeing and success. You’ll also be part of the wider Ara student community and have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of on-campus events and activities.

Supported Learning study options

New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners (Level 1)

Gain skills to assist you to be a productive citizen of Aotearoa.
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Work Skills: Communicating with Others - Term 1

Learn to communicate in ways that show respect for others and learn behaviours that are socially acceptable.
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Work Skills: Keeping Yourself Safe - Term 2

Identify ways of keeping personal property safe and identify potentially hazardous situations and appropriate actions to be taken.
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Work Skills: Emotions and Life Issues - Term 3

Learn how to recognise feelings of grief, anger and stress; describe emotionally unsafe situations and identify appropriate responses to unsafe situations.
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Work Skills: Preparing for Independence - Term 4

Learn how to describe good health and personal hygiene habits, identify responsibilities leading to greater independence and identify your next steps.
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